My Favorite Movie

[영화] 부산행

Hello, my name is Kim Ji Hwan. My favorite movie is Train To Busan. This movie is a zombie apocalypse action thriller. This is a story mainly about a father and a daughter on their way to Busan. While they took a train to Busan via KTX, there was a zombie attack that happened inside the train and has put the lives of all passengers in danger. That is where the thrill of the movie started because many people have slowly become zombies. Everyone got scared and wanted to escape. The father and the daughter were doing everything to survive but in the end, sadly, the father was attacked by a zombie in order to protect his daughter. So he became a zombie himself and has to separate from his daughter. His daughter survived and was helped by some armies after they enter a tunnel.

–My opinion

My opinion about this movie is that the story is very good but I feel sad about the ending. In addition, I have learned the power of helping each other, not to be greedy and it makes me want to help people in need, too. Lastly, I think father’s love is very immeasurable. That’s why this becomes my favorite movie.






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